One of India’s youngest authors, Abhishek Roy published two books by the age of 15 and 17. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Data Science at the University of California, Berkeley. His insatiable curiosity has led him to learn about and excel in varied subjects like percussion, badminton, swimming, and writing.

The concept of the confluence of science, ancient history and mythology always fascinated him, which sowed the idea for 'The Dimension Series'.

The first book in the series, 'Father of the Gods' begins merely as a quest of two orphans to find their fathers whom they believe to be alive. Their journey soon blows up in proportions, revealing secrets about the very fabric of the universe, the origins of mythologies and the history of mankind. The second book “Land of the Gods” is a sequel that takes a revolutionary turn, delving deeper into the other dimension and its deep connection with the history of Earth’s civilisation, ending in a cliffhanger that threatens to disrupt everything.

Through his work, Abhishek wants to promote the fusion of different scientific and artistic beliefs to enhance creativity and innovation. His aim is to promote interdisciplinary methods of education to create an impact across the world.